The topics of the Conference cover inverse problems in all branches of science and engineering including thermal sciences, structure mechanics, fluid flows, food sciences, medical applications and many other. In particular, the covered fields of interest can be summarized as:

  • Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Inverse Problems
    1. Theory and Methods of Inverse Problems
    2. Stability and Error Analysis
    3. Computational methods
    4. Uncertainty quantification
    5. Model Verification and Validation
  • Design of Experiments
    1. Optimal Design of Experiments
    2. Analysis of Actual Experimental Data
    3. Design under uncertainty
  • Applications
    1. Heat Transfer, Applied Mechanics, Controls, Other Engineering Disciplines
    2. Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Medicine
    3. Nondestructive Evaluation
    4. Nanoengineering
    5. Tomography and Inverse Scattering
    6. Geology and Environmental Phenomena
    7. Food and Bioprocessing
    8. Bio and Medical-engineering
    9. Packaging engineering